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History, Principles, and Contexts
Part I - Electromechanical Musical Instruments

What kind of electrified musical instrument did Prokop Diviš, the Czech inventor of the lighting conductor, construct as far back as the beginning of the 18th century? What do Intonarumori, Dynamophon, Violano, Orgatron, Varitone, Electar, Sonobel, Klaviphon, Bellzouki, Pianotron, Guitaret, Bantar, Banjoline, Melotone, Cellulophone, Photona, Choralcelo, Multimonica, Cordovox, and Guitorgan have in common? Why did Leo Fender produce a nameless guitar called Nocaster? What kind of electromechanical musical instrument did the toy maker Mattel produce? What was the name of the Czech electric guitar the Beatle George Harrison used for recording of his composition Cry For a Shadow?

The answers to these questions and a lot of other information on the development, principles, and construction of electromechanical musical instruments can be found in the first part of the book Electrophones. The book sums up the development of electrotechnology and electronics, gives a survey of instruments for recording, processing, transmission, and reproduction of sound and music. It presents a systematic classification of electronic and electromechanical musical instruments and maps the history of the respective groups of instruments in chronological sequence.

The book Electrophones deals with several hundreds of musical instruments, the text is accompanied with pictures including schemes, period photographs, and reproductions of the original patents. The basic biographical data concerning the important inventors, constructors, and makers of musical instruments and brief history of the leading companies producing electronic and electromechanical musical instruments can be found in the text.

The second part of the book deals with electronic musical instruments.

Milan Guštar: Elektrofony I. Sample pages:
Musical instruments and electricity
Electricity and sound
Instruments powered by electricity
Instruments controlled by electricity
Instruments with electrostatic pick-ups
Instruments with piezo-electric pick-ups
Instruments with optical pick-ups
Instruments with electromagnetic pick-ups
Instruments with rotary electrostatic generators
Instruments with rotary electro-optical generators
Instruments with rotary electromagnetic generators
Gramophonic instruments
Optophonic instruments
Magnetophonic instruments
Instruments with electromagnetic generators
Combined instruments

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